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TRUE LOVE is an enduring intention (when having the ability) to do or wish (when not having the ability) to see whatever BEST (done by the one who has the ability). Spiritually we all are ONE and PERFECT as part of the UNIVERSE. Unfortunately once we were born out of the mother’s womb and become physically an individual we become IMPERFECT. We have then practically “zero” Ability to love ourselves, if we could not breathe on our own as a newly born baby. Consequently we have no choice, but only Need to be loved by others practically 100% in order to survive. This Need-to-be-Loved will be proportionally diminished conversely with the Ability-to-Love-ourselves that we have acquired naturally as we have grown physically and socially.

The psychological aspect, one of the 3 (social, physical/biological, and psychological) of the Individuality tends to fall behind and mostly get stuck during the childhood, instead of catching up congruently with the physical/biological and social aspects that grow and mature steadily. When fixated the psychological aspect manifests itself as the INCONGRUENT Need-To-Be-Loved that result in childish behavior. Never-the-less, being an Imperfect Individuality as Self, we will always have the Need-To-Be-Loved-By-Others that is “congruent” with the “social” and “physical” needs.

A True Lover is psychologically liberated from the Need-To-Be-Loved of a child and carry on with of only the Need-To-Be-Loved that is “congruent” with one’s “imperfect” biological and social aspects of Individual Self. Therefore a True Lover always relates to the Loved Ones, either Self or Others, with only Give or Take Whatever BEST.

Life is anything that can love itself. As long as it has the Ability to Love itself, it lives. To live happily in all 3 aspects (namely socially, psychologically, and physically) of Your Life, you must sustain the Ability to Love.

Center for Advancement of Ability to Love (CAAL) was established in 1981 by a psychiatrist Dr. Thaworn Rathana-Nakintara, M.D. as the public service arm of the International Institute of Preventive Psychiatry (IIPP), The first edition of “An Introduction to the Principles of True Love” was published by IIPP in 1976. The Principles of True Love is his life long pursuit for more than one half of the century.

Understanding the Principles of True Love, you will become a True Lover, spontaneously and effortlessly. In the mean time you will acquire the characteristics of Honesty and Integrity. If you are not a “Born True Lover”, you must read “An Introduction to the Principles of True Love”.