Membership Benefits

1. All PURPOSES wish fulfillment among “certified True Lovers” who posses the common characteristics of honesty, integrity, and sharing the prosperity and healthy living.

2. After one year of continuous Associate Membership in good standing status, you will be eligible to become a General Member of the True Lover Society.

3. Ability to love and “congruent” need-to-be-loved of the member will be freely carried out and fulfilled among the members.

4. Any member may starts evangelistic campaign to bring in the New “certified” True Lover to join the True Lover Society. The more member we have, the more chance that our need-to-be-loved will fulfill.

5. Any member will start making money right away (actually unlimited) by earning commission from selling books published by the Center for Advancement of Ability to Love.

  • An Introduction to the Principle of True Love
  • Join the “certified” True Lovers to start in the Californian Melting Pot and Lead the “non-partisan” United States of Americans to Globalize the Economy and share the Prosperity, Healthy Living and World Peace